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Lipo 2-4S

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Lipo 2-4S
Lion Power :
11.1v-2200mah-30c (100x34x25mm) T-plug
14.8v-2200mah-30c (100x33x33mm) T-plug

Infinity Power
14.8v-2200mah-70c (106x34x34mm) XT60 Plug

Build Power:
11.1v-2200mah-30c (103x33x24mm) T-plug
11.1v-3000mah-25c (134x42x21mm) T-plug
11.1v-3000mah-30c (134x42x21mm) T-Plug

Tiger power:
11.1v-1800mah-35c (93x34x25mm) T-plug
11.1v-3500mah-30c (141x43x22mm) T-plug

TCB P{ower
11.1v-2200mah-25c (101x33x25mm) T-plug

Red Power
11.1v-2200mah-35c (108x33x25mm) T-plug

7.4v-1200mah-25c (67x29x15mm) Jst-plug

7.4v-2000mah-25c (84x33x19mm) Banana-plug (OUT OF STOCK)

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