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011-00101 Air Retracts

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011-00101 Air Retracts
011-00101 L90×W42×H29 60-120 CLASS
The pneumatic air retracts are specifically designed to suit all existing 90mm and up EDF Jets that can be modified to allow retract installation. Can be used in airplanes in the .40 to 1.20 size. This is a complete kit with air tank, valves, connectors and airline.

■Retract Mains X2
■Steerable nose mount X1
■Spring loaded, automatically will deploy down if air pressure is lost.
■Made of high grade aluminum
■Comes complete with air tank, valves, connectors and airline.

■Wire strut diameter : 5mm (Not Included)
■Mounting Plate: 1 5/8" by 1 1/2"
■Retract depth: 1"
■Retract length: 3 1/4"

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