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Power Master Fuels

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Power Master Fuels
Inhibits Rust
Corrosive Protection
Anti-foaming Properties
Oil Enhancements
Decreased Carbon Formation
Cleaner Engines

# Available in 10% and 15% nitromethane, Mean & Green offers an All-Synthetic solution to our Premium Sport Fuels.
Use These Fine POWERMASTER Fuels....
10% Mean & Green 18% All Synthetic
15% Mean & Green 18% All Synthetic
Inhibits Rust

# Premium Helicopter Fuels:
POWERMASTER Helicopter Fuels are blended with 18-23% Oil (depends on types of oils used) and pure American made Nitromethane. For maximum protection and added performance try 30% Helicopter Low Viscosity.
Helicopter - Blended with the highest quality AA Castor and Special Synthetic Oils, this fuel gives added protection to expensive and hard to reach helicopter engines. If you are new to the sport of model helicopters or just want the added protection of Castor, try POWERMASTER Helicopter today.

Helicopter All-Synthetic - For Helicopter Pilots who want protection without the mess of Castor. This fuel is perfect for the frequent flyer.

Helicopter Low Viscosity - Designed with the help of several top Helicopter Pilots, this unique blend of Synthetic Oils offers smooth yet responsive throttle transitions. Available in standard 15% Nitro and High Performance 30% Nitro for 3-D maneuvers.

Use These Fine POWERMASTER Helicopter Fuels....
15% Helicopter Castor/Synthetic Blend
* 15% Helicopter All Synthetic
* 15% Helicopter (Low Viscosity Oil)
* 30% Helicopter (Low Viscosity Oil)

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