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Automatic power Panel

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Automatic power Panel
# Solid state IC(integrated circuitry)design powers your equipment from any 12v battery.
# Provides reliable power for your 12v engine starter,12v fuel pump,and 1.5v glow plug.
# State-of-the art computer controlled glow plug driver-automatically adjusts the amperage for optimun glow plug pertormance (all types of glow plugs can be used)
# Automatic glow plug amperage overload protection with indicator LED-no more bured out glow plugs.
# Durable,painted aluminum faceplate is attractive and sturdy.
# Stort circuit and reverse polarity protection.
# No current drain when not in use-allows permanent 12v battery hookup.
# Safer-no heat generated when in use.
# Ammeter is securely mounted in a large,specially designed frame-it can`t grop out.
# Heavy duly cables suppy a stable current flow from battery with minimal valtage loss.
# Includes three pair(red & black)banana plugs for quick,easy connection of accessories.
# Includes two pair of alligator clips for quick,easy connection of 12v battery.
# Includes four mounting screws for permanent/removable mounting to your flight box.

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