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Hydro Plane Kit

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Hydro Plane Kit
Hydro Foam Space ship - Land - Air - Sea - 3 in 1
It can go on the road,grass,water,especial it can fly in the sky!
Space Ship is very popular R/C flying model. It can run in the ground, fly in the sky and even floating on the water. Have fun with space ship!

This is a model suit for senior flyer only.
The space ship is not suitable as a first model.
We recommend that the completed model is thoroughly checked by an experienced modeler before the first flight.

Recommended Items:
You will need a power system and radio gear. The servos should weight no more than 9g.
The 6g servo is the perfect choice for your new space ship, although any lightweight
equipment can be used. Small outrunner-style brushless is recommended for the space ship.
1500-2200mAh battery is recommended for the space ship.
Important Hints
If you want to launch from water, the thrust of your power system should be twice of
the flying weight of your space ship. With a carefully assembly, you can make your space
ship weight from 350g-400g, which means you will need 800g thrust to launch from water.


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