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R27 Flanker(DF80x2)

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R27 Flanker(DF80x2)
It is a three channel ratio control model airplane, its structure and performance adopt a new battleplane (R-27)of the latest developed by Russia, can simulate various action of battleplane, such as up and down in the air, diving, gliding, rolling, yawing, and moving forward and backward,
Main features: it is compact, and easy to operate with flexible and stable flying, adopt reality inside design. Let you feel in real airplane with safety system.
At the same time, imported high-speed motor, stable-add-speed IC board, vice blade and electric mixing controllor with up-down servo, all these help you to operate freely and enjoy the unimaginable rich happiness and make your childhood dream come true.
Also it is fitted for school hading training and activity which cultivating students interests.

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