EP-20 Airway-777

B777 Jumbo (DF64x2)


Electric scale multiple jet with ducted fan easy for taking off. It’s the best choice for the expert flyer.

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Product Description

EP-20 Airway-777 1 EP-20 Airway-777 2 EP-20 Airway-777 3 EP-20 Airway-777 4 EP-20 Airway-777 5 EP-20 Airway-777

*Constructed by molded lighted foam parts and top-level balsa, equipped with carbon fiber strut, aluminum anti-vibration landing gear, 16 pieces of foam wheels, 2 sets of ducted fans and decoration stickers, makes the plane with high performance flying ability.
*If equipped with 3500KV SF outrunner brushless motor and 22A SF brushless speed controller with LiPO 3 cells or NiMH 10 cells battery Pack, you can expect this plane having the best performance.
Wing Span: 1390mm
Wing Area: 32.6dm square
Length: 1490mm
Weight: 1500-1600g
Motor: brushless #400
Radio: 4 channels

Additional Information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 150 x 20 x 15 cm



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